Artist Mentorship Program

Teaching feeds my soul in a different way than painting. Guiding my students into the mysteries and joys of oil paint has been a gift for everyone involved in my weekly class.
Explore your creative imagination through the beauty and richness of painting with oils. Discover the magic of color mixing, confident expressive brushwork, and focus on visually illuminating the subjects that resonate with you personally. Classes are designed for the beginner and intermediate painter. More Information about classes



"Everyone needs a mentor.  Lucky me, Nancy Taliaferro is mine.  I have a burning desire to paint, but more ideas than skill.  With Nancy guiding me, I am catching up to myself, step by step.  She shares everything she knows about oil painting, demystifying what others would prefer, with strange egotism, to leave mysterious.  There is no wrong brush stroke, there is no wrong brush stroke, there is no wrong brush stroke – her very comforting and empowering mantra.  Nancy is kind and patient.  She is also funny!  It would be hard to find better company. Time stops when I am working with her, but the hours also whizz by in creative concentration. What joy.  What a gift."

Caroline Thompson: screenwriter 





Select Student Work:

Nancy Taliaferro | Fine Artist | Oil Painting | Sacred Connection Between Animals, Humans and Nature.

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