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fne artist oil painting

There is a theatrical aspect to my paintings, a spotlight that captures a luminous moment. The focus of my work, be it animals or intriguing objects, is to create visual poems that tell a deeper story.

I am particularly moved by the vulnerability of the natural world, and captivated by the common thread that connects humans, animals, all of nature- in ways that too often elude us. 

The moment captured in the soft grain of vintage photographs also intrigues me, particularly the complex untold story. Painting from these photographs and juxtaposing them with portraits of animals, speak to the nature, story and mystery they both share. My intent is to speak to their individuality, the odd nature of the world, and the narratives that unfold.


was born in Baltimore and studied classical painting techniques from an early age at The Shuler School of Fine Art. I continued studying painting at the Maryland Institute of Art, and received my BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art. Santa Barbara has been my home for 38 years.


My work juxtaposes elements of nature and humanity in surrealistic and eye opening combinations.

My  paintings are rife with contrasts that summon soulful connections and harmonies amongst all of creation. 

Curriculum Vitae


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