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Nancy Taliaferro  Artist Statement

 Deeply passionate about the nature of the soul and the interconnection of all of life, my current work explores this elusive subject through the juxtaposition of  objects, animals, people, and the natural world.

 My interest is in creating visual metaphors that  speak to  the mystery and beauty of our shared place in the world.

 My awareness of a numinous universe and the evolution of my work began with childhood experiences : walking my dog Arthur under the stars, sailing in the moonlight with my father on the Chesapeake Bay, visiting a friend’s family dairy farm and spending time with their animals, and playing in our snowy quiet street on winter nights, illuminated by a dim streetlight. This luminous stillness is foundational in my work and offers a place of mystery and stillness.

My creative vision is a world where animals and humans, all of nature, can live together in a mutually enhancing way.

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